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Radios públicas

 Radio Educación
Código Radio DF
Fonoteca Nacional

Sistemas de Radio y Televisión estatales  de México


Radios universitarias

Radio UNAM
Radio Ibero (México, DF)

Radios culturales

RNA (Argentina)
Radio Nacional de Bolivia
Radio Patria Nueva. Red nacional

Radio Habana
 Radio Reloj (Habana)
 Radio Rebelde (Habana)
Habana Radio
Radio Musical Nacional. Música de concierto desde Cuba.

RTVE (España)
Radio Francia Internacional (Francia)

Radio Nederlands (Países Bajos)

National Public Radio (EUA)

BBC Radio (Reino Unido)
BBC 1_ Home of the Official Top 40. Radio 1 the biggest UK chart hits in Pop,

Rock, Indie, Dance, Hip Hop, RnB and everything in between, here at BBC Radio One.
BBC 1xtra_ Hip Hop, RnB, Garage, Grime, Dnb and Dancehall. Big tunes, talent and mixes.
BBC 2_Home of great music - Classic Pop and Rock from the Sixties, Seventies, Eighties and beyond to Blues, Big Band and Country with the best Live Music, Documentaries and Comed
BBC 3_Broadcasts classical music, jazz, world music, new music, arts programmes and drama. It's the home of the Proms and broadcasts more live music than any other network.
BBC 4_ Intelligent speech, journalism, comedy, quizzes, poetry, drama, readings, politics, arts, discussion, documentaries, history, life stories, money, science, news and weather
BC 4 extra_ Showcasing the best in comedy drama and entertainment. With quizzes, sitcoms, panel games, satire, stand up, life stories, classics from the archive, science fiction and fantasy.
BBC 5live_Live news and live sport. Premier League football, Champions League football, Europa League football, Euro 2012 football, international football, FA Cup football, Championship Football, Football…
BBC 6_The place for the best Alternative Music. From Indie Pop and Iconic Rock to Trip Hop, Electronica and Dance with great Archive Music Sessions, Live Music Concerts and Documentaries.
Radio China Internacional (español)